Garden Tools

Steel Garden Hoe


As every master garden knows, the Garden Hoe is a plant saver and now back saver. Used to break up the surface of the soil so essential water can get to the plants roots easier. As useful to pull tiny weeds as it is to make perfect rows for planting.

  • Shank Pattern
  • 6.1/4″ x 4.1/4″ Blade
  • 54″ Steel Handle

Steel Cultivator


Don’t let the four teeth on this tool fool you, this Forged Steel Cultivator packs might in those teeth to pull up weeds and aerate most soil types. Compact fork design gets you into small spaces in your garden.

  • 4″ x 5″ One Piece Forged Head
  • 54″ Steel Handle

Ice Breaker/Garden Edger


Don’t put this multi-purpose tool away after the winter. The Ice Breaker/Garden Edger can be used year-round for ice, edging, landscaping, root chopping, shingle removal and more.

  • Shank Pattern
  • 7″ x 5″ Blade
  • 48″ Steel Handle